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Wheelbase                                                                       256,4 cm

Track – front                                                                    130,7 cm

Track – rear                                                                      123,2 cm

Length overall                                                                  449,0 cm

Width                                                                               156,0 cm

Height                                                                              137,0 cm

Ground clearance                                                                16,0 cm



Cylinders                                                                          4

Bore and Hub                                                                   81,5 x 76,2 mm

Cubic capacity                                                                  1592 cc

Compression ratio                                                             9,1 : 1


Unloaded (no petrol, no water)                                        1045 kg

Unloaded (with petrol and water)                                    1095 kg



Petrol tanks (2), total                                                       59 ltrs.

Oil sump                                                                          4,55 ltrs.



Brake Horse Power (gross)                                                97 @ 5800 RPM

Brake Horse Power (nett)                                                  88 @ 5800 RPM

Torque max.                                                                     13,1 mkg @ 3500 RPM



-overdrive in fourth                                                         32,5 km/h

-fourth                                                                            26,0 km/h

-overdrive in third                                                           23,3 km/h

-third                                                                              18,6 km/h

-second                                                                           10,1 km/h

-first                                                                                 7,7 km/h

-reverse                                                                             5,1 km/h



Normal oil pressure                                                          3,84/4,5 cmq

Filter                                                                                disposable type



Ratio                                                                                 4,22:1

Crown wheel                                                                    38 teeth

Pinion                                                                                9 teeth



-overdrive in fourth                                                             3,38:1

-fourth                                                                                4,22:1

-overdrive in third                                                               4,71:1

-third                                                                                  5,87:1

-second                                                                               9,03:1

-first                                                                                  14,12:1

-reverse                                                                             17,89:1



Coil springs              external diameter                              11,7 cm

                                length at static load                          20,0 cm ± 0,25 cm

                                static load                                          576 kg

                                length unloaded                                27,6 cm

Wheel jounce                                                                      8,9 cm

Angle of incidence                                                              45' ± 30'



Leaf spring, semi-elliptic

length between centres                                                     127 cm

width                                                                                    5 cm

number of leaves                                                               3x5,9 mm + 1x6,3 mm + 1x7,1 mm



Shock absorbers                                                                 telescopic type, direct acting



Make and type                                                                   Burman, recirculating ball type

Number of turns left/right                                                 3 ¼

Angular movement steering arm                                         76°

Turning circle                                                                     9,14 mtr.



Make and type, front                                                         Lockheed, with servo

Disc diameter front                                                            26,2 cm

Rear: drums. diameter                                                       22,85 cm

Total brake surface                                                            1923 cm2

Hand brake                                                                        mechanical



Make and type                                                                  Solex B.32 P.A.I.A.

Air filter                                                                            paper element



Type                                                                                  Mechanical water


Fan diameter                                                                     36,8 cm

Extra appliance:                                                                 Oil cooler



Brand and type                                                                 Borg & Beck single disc                                                                                                                    diaphragm, hydraulic operation



gear ratio         fourth                                                       1000:1

                        third                                                         1392:1

                        second                                                      2141:1

                        first                                                          3346:1

                        reverse                                                     4239:1

speedometer gear:

                        pinion               cog wheel                        dial

                        5031066           K.25632                          1224085 S/N 5338/00 = MPH

                        5 teeth              12 teeth                          1224084 S/N 5338/01 = KM/H

Overdrive on third and fourth                                           Laycock de Normanville



diameter                                                                               7,6 cm

between centres                                                                116,3 cm

length total                                                                       134,1 cm



Pirelli Sempione 'S'                                                           6.00 x 13

Spare tyre                                                                         Mounted under boot



Make and type                                                                  F.I.A.M.M. 12 V 42 Ah   

Earthing                                                                            Positive earth



Make and type                                                                  Lucas RB.340



Make and type                                                                  Lucas C.40.L

Tension brush springs                                                       0,36/0,85 kg

Field resistance                                                                 5,9 ohm

Max. output                                                                      25A @ 2275 RPM



Wiper motor                                                                     Lucas 6W, two-speed

Lighting front                                                                   Carello

Fusibles                                                                            Alasonatti S.p.A.

Wheels                                                                             pressed steel wheels

Safety belts                                                                      option (fixing points available)



Paint manufactured by Italver or MaxMeyer


Blu Laguna (dark blue)

Bianco Lido (white)

Grigio Rialto (metallic grey)

Verde Torcello (green)

Azzuro Venezia (metallic light blue)

Nero (black)



TRIM COLOURS (all artificial leather)

Tobacco Beige

Rosso (red)

Two-tone Blue

Fumo di Londra Nero (charcoal)


Carpets in boot: charcoal (grey)


Maintenance scheme for Sunbeam Venezia in French:


Sunbeam Venezia Entretien Periodique  Download


Maintenance scheme in English (shown is the scheme for the Humber Sceptre,

the Sunbeam Venezia version only differs on details)

Sceptre Maintenance  Download


Over the years, Rootes have issued a number of Service Bulletins for their vehicles.

The following are relevant to the Sunbeam Venezia:


Service Bulletin on Front suspension swivel bearings

Front Suspension swivel bearings  Download


Service Bulletin on Overdrive failure

 Overdrive failure Download


Service Bulletin on Solex 32 PAIA carburettor


Solex 32 PAIA Download   


What if a V8 Humber Sceptre would have been put on the market: a V8 Venezia?

This is what Bob Walton, former Rootes Group engineer remembers: 

Great to know there are some Rootes Group fans out there. I did my training with Rootes in Coventry and have great memories until I finally had enough of the English climate and secured a position with Holden (GM) in Australia in 1968. By that time Rootes was on the rocks along with most of the other British motor manufacturers. I am familiar with the Humber Sceptre V8 prototype, it was a fanciful idea at the time to secure a piece of the sports sedan market dominated by Jaguar with their MkII range but with Rootes on it's knees and Chrysler having an influence on future products the Sceptre V8 was destined to the scrap pile. In fact I approached Peter Wilson, the boss, if I could buy it and the answer was that he was on top of the list if it was permitted to be sold. Although a number of prototypes in various guises were sold to employees, the Sceptre V8 was to be scrapped, I can clearly recall the car being stripped of all its interior and mechanical parts and the body being taken to the factory scrap area and 2 tinsmiths with oxy/acetylene cutting it into several pieces. I am unashamed to say a tear or two was shed by me.  It was a great Q car,  I did many many miles in the car both at MIRA (proving ground) and on public roads,  the best fun was on the M1 motorway between Birmingham and London (no speed limits at the time) and most car manufacturers found it to be very convenient for high speed testing!! The Jaguar MkII 3.8 with overdrive trans and chrome wire wheels was the 'King of the Road' in the sixties in Britain and occupied the outside lane (fast lane) on the M1. The senior executives and sporting types and some crooks had little trouble sitting on 125mph all the way up and down the motorway, a flash of the headlights soon shifted the errant Morris Minor out of the way. Well, a Jag 3.8 driver looking in his rear view mirror and seeing what appeared to be a Hillman Super Minx approaching very quickly with its headlamps flashing saying "Move over baby I'm coming through": if only we had mobile phone camera's in those days to see those driver's facial expressions as you gave a courteous wave as you cruised past. Fabulous times. I am testing my memory on fine detail of the car, it was LHD, metallic mid blue in colour, auto trans, Salisbury LSD, may have had discs F&R (a la Tiger Mk2) and a very large transmission tunnel, the bulkhead had received substantial modification to accept its new Yankee motive power,the car was driven on trade plates as most prototypes were.

Sorry no photos, only memories. Hope you find this helpful in your search for info on this now dusty history.

courtesy Gary Martin


On the subject: excerpt of contract between Ford/Shelby regarding V8 for Tiger and Venezia:

Ford V8 in Venezia    Download


Full article Relationship Touring-Rootes  Download 


Works letter    Download