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The basis for this register was again formed by the blue Sunbeam Venezia 'bible'. Yet, lots of additional 'Google-ing', writing, traveling and phoning went into compiling the present register.

The purpose of producing this register is to find out how many Venezias still survive, in what condition they are, and who their owners are. It does not pretend to be complete, nor entirely accurate. It reflects what we know at this moment about the worlds' remaining Venezias. We aim to keep it up-to-date.

Owners and readers of this site are expressly invited to check the information provided, to correct and complete it wherever needed, and to provide photos (preferably digital!) for updating this register. If you can provide details of Venezias which are not listed so far in the register, great!

Webmasters would be very happy if this register would result in contacts between owners. We also hope this register will serve as a platform for exchanging / selling spare parts, such as the quarterlight rubbers which have vanished on most of our cars. Replacements were manufactured and can be supplied, including instructions (download). Same goes for the rubber seal of the rear side windows and the rubber of the windscreen and rear window, remanufactured and available in small quantity. 

Some owners may find the register useful to offer their Venezia for sale, making sure that it will end up in the hands of people who know what a nice vehicle a Sunbeam Venezia really is! 

Please enjoy glancing through this register, admiring what others have made of their Venezia or shivering when seeing the restoration they are still facing..... 

Note: due to space restrictions we have limited the number of photographs. A fair number of cars, however, is extensively documented, and more pictures and details can be obtained by sending an e-mail request to the webmaster.

For reasons of privacy we have left out the details of the owners of the featured vehicles. In case you wish to get in touch with an owner you may send an e-mail to any of the mail addresses given in this website. We shall subsequently get in touch with the relevant owner and ask for his permission to pass on contact details.

Out of the estimated 204 vehicles produced, 57 are still known worldwide. Out of these, some 31 Venezias are in a proper running order, ranging from concours to unrestored original. Some 15 cars are in the process of being restored or are awaiting a restoration whilst the balance, 11 cars, are to be considered being 'fast asleep'.